↠ my hot ass husband that loves me oh so much

↠ my kids that make me laugh on the regs and that remind me to love hard and not judge

↠ my parents who have always believed in me

↠ my friends - new and old. some have put up with me for years (praise be!) and some are just getting to know my crazy antics

↠ my creative family that pushes me to get artsy fartsy and that encourage me to be the best photog I can be

↠ my clients - WOW… my clients, i am quite possibly the luckiest photographer on this planet. my clients are amazing and i am insanely thankful for them… for you!

↠ being behind the lens

↠ the Enneagram

↠ capturing intimate moments that folks will look over for generations

↠ snail mail

↠ smelling fresh cut grass in the summer

↠ getting to know people… like really getting to know them

↠ the crunch of crisp fall leaves in the fall

↠ the excitement of the first snow

↠ finding the light in the littlest moments

↠ slow dancing to our record player… well and fast dancing too…

↠ the power in a couple-in-love’s gaze

↠ festivals

↠ the light in a newborn babes eyes

↠ making out cloud animals with my son and daughter

↠ street art

↠ really hoppy ipa’s

↠ mountains. so.many.mountains!!!

↠ dancing like a fool without a care in the world

↠ pour-over coffee

↠ gardening with my family

↠ having deep conversations… especially when they involve sitting in the river with cold beverages

↠ road trips, plane trips, train trips…. really just getting out in this big world.

↠ the way my husband loves our kids

↠ strolling through art museums

↠ that moment you find the coolest thing at the thrift store #winning

↠ fireflies

↠ hammocks

↠ thunderstorms

↠ a good hard cry

↠ getting the last little bit out of the toothpaste tube.

↠ plants - anything green!!

↠ starry nights

↠ naps

↠ the big huge powerful universe

↠ and all of the above I owe to my love, god.