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Reason 3,784 that I love my job: making friends for life. Michelle and I hit it off right away. She contacted me about getting maternity photos and we had a whole plan in place. We were about to end our conversation when she said "I LOVED those photos you did in the river, if you ever want to get artsy, I'd be down". And this is when you know that you have a dream client. We changed our plans and she met me on the banks of the New River at 6:45 in the morning and the temp was in the forties. She jumped right in and we got some amazing shots. We had so much fun and hugged when we departed. We text on a regular basis and I got to photograph the birth of her son. She is an awesome blogger, physician, wife, friend and mama. I am so glad that she was placed into my life! Check out here blog below:

Dr. Mommy MD Blog

Amy Gray