luna grace | a diary entry of sorts | asheville, nc lifestyle photography

So this month marks my six month anniversary of launching my website and business. I am humbled every single day by all of your kind words and most of all by those that have picked Silver Pebble Photography to capture their family memories. The fact that you, my awesome clients, caught sight of my art and then trusted in me to represent your family through my art form is an incredible honor. Because of you I am able to live out a dream.  I am able to capture smiles and moments of happiness and then deliver those momentous and happy times to you with a full heart. The world today can sometimes appear to be saturated with wickedness, greed, and polluted content. I am able to bring some uncontaminated, pure, and wholesomeness to this world (at least to my small world) through my lens. I believe that there is SO much good in the universe but it’s often left on the back porch, for what reason I am not sure. But I am sure that I am contributing to the good, and I am sure that YOU are the reason I get to continue sharing this little bit of sunshine that I have to offer. My clients are the reason that I get to keep living out this dream and using this wondrous gift that I have been given, but they’re not the only ones that keep me filled with hope and joy. Every comment, word of encouragement, piece of advice and even that little like on Facebook or double tap on Instagram keeps my heart well fed and my dream alive. THANK YOU to all of you who offer up your kind words and to my family and friends who listen to me babble on about photography day in and day out.

I often struggle as to what “my style” is or should be. I have never been one to stick to a certain style in any aspect of life so you may see my style morph from time to time and I love that this form of artistry allows me to do so. I have never felt more alive and unclouded; I am loving every minute and I say that from the depths of my soul!

Kai and I went to visit our dear friends, Jason and Andrea, in Asheville to meet little Miss Luna Grace. I thought it would be the perfect time to start documenting my lifestyle sessions. These sessions are definitely unlike those outside on a beautiful day, and I find them much more challenging but so fruitful and rewarding. I strive to seize that emotion in the still moments of LIFE, real life. Please enjoy a few of my favorites from our peaceful and meaningful weekend in our favorite mountain town.

And once again, thank you, from the bottom of my heart… thank you for it all. I am so very blessed.

Amy Gray