lindsay mabel | blacksburg, va family photography

“Maybe she’s afraid of turtles” I say to my son as he run towards Lindsay Mabel in full Ninja Turtle garb. 

“Afraid of turtles?! NO WAY! TURTLES ARE INCREDIBLE!” Replies Lindsay Mabel with the most excited little voice you ever did hear. 

This is one super intelligent and special little gal! Her little voice and fun spirit are so adorable. I met up with her and her (equally adorable) mama for some fun running through grassy fields during the golden hour on a summer night. Towards the end of the shoot my Husband and Son came to meet us to join in our fun. After the shoot Hutch (my husband) said to me “I could hang out with that sweet girl all day; She’s awesome.” And of course this just melted my heart. 

This little pebble is just naturally beautiful and her zest for life shines through her gorgeous big blues. Thanks for spending a summer night with me and my family, Nicole and Lindsay Mabel!