new river valley magazine shoot | heritage park | editorial

New River Valley Magazine  contacted me about contributing to their publication about one of my most favorite places, Heritage Park. This was my first editorial piece and I was so excited. Heritage Park is so special to me. It's provided me with a beautiful landscape for many photo sessions, hours and miles of deep conversations with my mother, and many trails for perfect evening walks with my family. I feel like things are just falling into place these days. This was so fun for me to shoot because this park is such a big part of me at this time in my life, not to mention that I got to work with a wonderful writer, Justine Brantley.  I am just honored that NRV magazine believed in me and had faith in me. I'm currently working on another story for the same magazine and I believe that this is just the beginning of a great relationship. Keep an eye out for my work! And check out Back to Nature , the landscape company that provided the Children's Nature Play Space at Heritage park (which is Kai approved) and super awesome! 

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Amy Gray