george | blacksburg, va | senior photography

I have only been shooting professionally for a little over a half a year. My very first shoot ever was at the top of a fire tower many MANY feet in the air. I was terrified not only for my first paid shoot but also because I am a wimp when it comes to heights. But I did it and I faced many fears that day. George also made me step out of my comfort zone with this shoot. He is an awesome swimmer and swims for the Hokies and Bruins! I had never attempted sports photography so I was a bit nervous. The second I met George I was already at ease. He was super easy-going and was a natural in front of the camera. Our indoor shoot was so much fun and I am really proud of the photos that we captured together. I don't often attend swimming events but after watching him swim I may have to! He has an insanely precise, fluid and clean stroke and it was really cool to witness it. 

After our swimming fun we headed outside. I felt like I was dealing with a model at our outdoor shoot. He was so professional and obviously super handsome. I love when clients chat it up with me during shoots. We talked about his future endeavors, one of which is heading to the Naval Academy at just 17 years old! His goal is to become a Navy Seal and I think that is definitely attainable for this one, he is an excellent young man and I am happy that he and his family chose me to capture these shots during a special time in his life. Congrats on Graduating and good luck, George!!