dylan + jen | seattle, wa wedding photography

But I believe in Love
And I know that you do too
And I believe in some kind of path
That we can walk down, me and you
So keep your candles burning
And make her journey bright and pure
That she will keep returning
Always and evermore

-nick cave 


This wedding was an absolute dream to shoot. The love that exists between these two is palpable and awesome. Not often do you witness love and compassion in it's purest form... but on this day all in attendance were blessed with something real and something true. 

On this day of celebration we danced and sang and ate and hugged and cried and laughed. This day was about love, and love only. This wedding was simple, gorgeous, and honest. The perfect elixir for celebrating authentic love.

Thank you, Jen and Dylan for allowing me to be a part of your day. xo