dear photographer feature | the LIGHT issue | january 2018

Amy Gray - Light Issue.jpg

When I began this journey into the field of photography I just wanted to be able to share these images that lived in my head with others. I could not have dreamed up the incredible transformation that my life has taken.

I’m about to get real y’all…. And its lengthy…. I was born a competitive little lady, I mean I AM a Taurus and all… but I compared myself to others frequently. The way I dressed, my weight, my hair, my intelligence, my humor, my kindness, my authenticity, my home, ya know… the list goes on and on. But I can honestly say that today, the girl that sits here typing this is no longer that competitive girl… (don’t get me wrong, I am still and will always be a work in progress and I don’t love to be wrong, but I take it with much more grace these days). I truly believe that these past two and half years of doing what I love, doing what TRULY makes my heart and my soul shine, has allowed me to become closer to God, to be a better daughter, mother, wife, sister and friend, to trust more, to genuinely want the best for my “competitors”, to see the best in people when they may not be at their best, to accept my imperfections, and to LOVE myself and those around me. I don’t think it’s because I am receiving praise or that I needed affirmation. I think it’s because my cup has been filled and it's overflowing. Now maybe it’s coincidental that I am rounding the corner to 35 and I am just getting wiser… but I really believe that when I found an outlet that let me express myself, that I found myself in that space. So I encourage you to search for whatever it is that will set your soul on fire… search for it HARD!

Today I am proud and also humbled. I was featured beside some of the greatest photographers in all of the land in the SOLD OUT issue of Dear Photographer . The photo that was featured would not have been possible without my dear friend of Harvest and Honey and if you have not figured it out by now this is one of my all time favorite shots. Our friendship is a perfect example of the love that has entered my life through this photography gig. And she is a perfect example of community over competition.

This issue is the LIGHT ✨issue… how appropriate… I keep finding it in the coolest places and will be chasing it until the day I die.....

Amy Gray