anne + wheeler nixxon + deedee | charleston, sc lifestyle + newborn photogprahy

I like to keep my blog postings short, well, because I am a photographer and not a writer...but where do I even begin with these three special people? I will try, but I am not sure that words exist to describe the light that Anne gives to this world. Anne is intelligent, hysterical, kind, giving, thoughtful, open minded, loving, and a really phenomenal break-dancer. She looks at life through a prism and makes every person she meets feel important and loved. Nixxon (Nixy if you ask my son, Kai) is a lucky man to have her, but she choose him because he too has  a thoughtful and generous heart.  These two have experienced loss in their lives that would make most people's hearts harden and shrink, but not this couple. Their house is filed with laughter and the record player is always spinning with some great tunes. They are the perfect match. They are incredible parents and they made first-time parenthood look like it was all just a breeze. Deedee is the sweetest thing that you ever did see, and she is sure to be a sweet lady. I had so much fun visiting their beautiful home and documenting new moments as a family of three. Anne and Nix, thank you for allowing Kai and I to be apart of such intimate and sweet moments, and thank you for allowing me to capture the sweet moments from behind my lens. xo  

Amy Gray