a fresh start | blacksburg lifestyle photography

This past weekend was incredible. Our area received about 2 feet of snow! Our son, Kai, was in Sunny Florida with his grandparents. We totally missed him but we also spent every minute of the weekend making it as romantic and magical as possible. We stocked up on all kinds of goodies. Hutch made his famous gumbo. We had a fire going at all times. We watched an absurd amount of TV. We listened to old records. We played every board game known to man. And we just sat and laughed a lot. One of my shoots had to be rescheduled, but this allowed us to get out and take some memorable shots. Hutch has such an awesome eye and will be shooting with me for all of my 2016 weddings! This was a great time for us to get out and do a lil shooting of our own, and it was awesome.

These weekends are priceless.  I have recently been moved to live a more meaningful and grateful life. A little almost 4 year old boy has had a major effect on me this past week. He lost his battle with cancer last week and although I never met him, his mama's beautiful words hit me at my core and pulled on my heartstrings. I feel like I have been given a fresh start, like I have pressed the reset button. I have offered up more smiles than ever before and I am definitely not sweating the small stuff....no more hurrying no more worrying. I soaked up every bit of this simple and meaningful weekend, thanks to Luke. There IS so much good in the world and I feel it and see it. Look, our neighbor even cleared our driveway! I just can't wait for our lil guy to get home so I can squeeze him oh so tight. Make sure everyone in your life knows that they are loved. Smile at strangers. Know that this life is a gift. 

It's a tough read, but if you want to get a refreshed perspective on life... do yourself a favor and download the document that follows the gallery labeled "Shelia's Letter". It is from Luke's mama to a Facebook group "Luke's Army". I am so thankful for her post... Shelia, you have no idea how many people your family is moving. Thank you.