I approach photography as a most precious art; treating each being that is in front of my lens,

whether a drop of rain or couple to be married,

as a unique and transient moment that I will not allow to escape my shutter.

Every beautiful story deserves to be told.

This is my passion.

Lets make some magic.


Our Core Values

Silver Pebble Photography believes in and thrives on:

↠ Making and capturing deep connection through true and raw storytelling.

↠ Creating soul fulfilling art that evokes pure emotion.

↠ Celebrating our natural elements through our art form




Hey there. My name is Amy and one of my favorite places on earth is behind the lens. I am a simple lady that has wild dreams. I love my little life in the Virginia mountains with my husband and two children. We travel as much as we can, and we dance and laugh more. Photography was my very first love, starting around the age of 5. I built my first camera when I was in the 5th grade. Over the years my heart matured and evolved for those around me, friends and strangers alike. This allowed me to have a new perspective and I am able to capture it through my lens. I pride myself in capturing the real and raw moments; For making those small moments that appear insignificant to others, remarkable. When you look at your images you will be transported back to that moment of magic. That moment that stood still. That moment that is literally worth a thousand words, words that are hard to find and that often times don’t even exist in any of our vocabularies.

Let’s make some magic.